5 Top Content Creation Tips From A Content Marketing Agency


Are you struggling to find ‘stuff’ to post about on your business page? We’ve all been there! But don’t worry, our content marketing agency experts may be able to help you with your marketing…

Those first steps

So, what exactly does content creation mean?

“Creation of content is meant to build a like-mindedness with your existing audience. This content should reinforce the brand, communicate the value of the product and create new opportunities.”Neil Patel

While it’s vital to know yourself and your followers, it’s also important to remember that you are the experts in your field. If you find something interesting, it’s almost guaranteed that your readers will too. However, making something original and compelling is not easy. Check out the below tips and tricks to become a confident content marketer;

  1. Original Content

If your content is original, it will find greater reach, which is ultimately the goal for any business. Producing high-quality content is fundamental for any business, particularly when factoring in that “content marketing costs 62% less than traditional marketing and generates about 3 times as many leads.”

Great content can help your business’s brand visibility and lead generation. Over 50 percent of people learn about breaking news via social media instead of traditional news sources, so it makes sense to put extra effort into your social channels.

According to Scripted, “Ninety percent of consumers find custom content helpful and nearly 80 percent believe in a company that is striving to build a good relationship with them.”

BuzzFeed for example, claim to have “the most social content in the world.” Seventy-five percent of its online readers look for content on the website specifically to share on social media. This is why it’s critical to write trending content, pay close attention to trending topics, and focus relevant news.

  1. Add your knowledge and expertise into your content

You should have a vague idea of who your audience is, what they want to see, and what it is about your brand that really appeals to them. Adding knowledge into your content picks you apart from the rest as it gives off a sense of professionalism.

Your audience will warm to your unique outlook if you maintain your brand’s personality and tone online, particularly if you can relate your content back to little anecdotes about your experiences. Talking about your own experiences with the subject at hand will help you to stay original and will humanise your content, making it more relatable and therefore admirable.

  1. Guest blogs!

If you haven’t already got a ‘Blog’ or ‘News’ section on your website, make it a top priority to set one up. These are a fantastic form of digital marketing that can only help to expand your audience organically.

Blog posts can bump you up in the Google search rank, providing your SEO is set up correctly. Featuring more authors on your website adds unique content and new viewpoints, which is certainly a bonus.

According to a recent poll, “Sixty-two percent of people believe that a blog with multiple authors is more credible than a blog with only one.” Guest blogs are great additions to your social media channels, but to add the most value, we recommend finding experienced, creative bloggers with a sense of flair.

  1. Call to action (CTA)

Adding a CTA into your social media content is a great way to politely encourage your audience to do something i.e. “drop into our showroom today” or “give us a call”. By constantly ensuring that your content is useful and valuable, your audience will never get tired of your presence online.

Asking questions, being direct but also fun and trendy, and most importantly, starting conversations can add wonders to your social accounts. CTAs can help you achieve your content marketing goals, so don’t forget about them!

  1. Be creative!

In order to cut through the clutter, it’s important for your original content to be creative and thumb-stopping (interesting enough that it stops the average user from scrolling by you – something we’re all guilty of on the likes of Facebook, Twitter and Instagram.) If you struggle to be creative, add colourful imagery to your web link in an effort to make people stop and look at your great content.

If you’d like more content tips, please email hello@knaptonwright.co.uk or call 01652 638290 – we are more than happy to help!