Facebook Instant Articles: How & Why You Should Be Using Them

Facebook Instant Articles are a fast, interactive alternative to hosting blogs on your website. Generating 30% more shares than regular articles, they are a fantastic digital marketing tool you can use to expand your social media reach and engagement.

facebook instant articles

What are Facebook Instant Articles?

Facebook describes Instant Articles as: “a mobile storytelling experience“. Essentially, they are Facebook’s equivalent to Google’s accelerated mobile pages. Still confused? Let us break it down for you…

Instant Articles are articles exclusively available on mobile devices that are hosted on Facebook’s servers, as opposed to your website’s. This means that they load a lot faster and are more optimised for mobile than regular web pages.

Why You Should Use Facebook Instant Articles

Excellent for both short news items and long-form blog posts, Facebook Instant Articles load ten times faster than standard mobile web articles, making them extremely appealing for mobile users. 73% of mobile internet users say that they’ve encountered a website that was too slow to load, while 40% of people abandon a website that takes over three seconds to load. This is not a problem with Facebook Instant Articles. In fact, Facebook states that users are 70% less likely to bounce from an Instant Article compared with regular mobile content.

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Your content’s reach is likely to improve as a result of Facebook Instant Articles. It makes sense that the social network’s News Feed will prioritise content that is hosted on Facebook as it keeps people on their app. Engagement figures are also very popular, with Instant Articles generating 20% more clicks and 30% more shares than content hosted on another website.

How Do I Create a Facebook Instant Article?

The first step is to check if your business’s Facebook page is eligible for Instant Articles. To sign up, you need to be an admin of your page.

Facebook Instant Articles

Once signed up, head to Facebook Business Manager and select “Publishing Tools” in the top menu. Next, click the “Configuration” option underneath “Instant Articles” on the left and follow the instructions to set up and manage Instant Articles.

After this, you can either create your own Instant Articles from scratch or install the Instant Articles for WP plugin and activate it on your WordPress site. This plugin will seamlessly import content from your website, using an API to configure your blog posts into Instant Articles to share on Facebook.

Once you have created or imported 10 Instant Articles, you’ll need to share them with Facebook’s Review Team, who will then check for any violations and provide feedback. Once your first 10 are approved, you can start publishing your Facebook Instant Articles.

Need inspiration for your own Instant Article designs and layouts? Check out how Gray Television used this feature to produce their own quality news stories.

Facebook Instant Article Insights

Facebook Instant Articles are compatible with Google Analytics, as well as Facebook’s Insights. The latter of the two can analyse real-time traffic on your articles and gives you the opportunity to embed cookies to your articles. These cookies enable you to follow reader interests and serve ads that target this information.

Page Insights can also tell you how many clicks your Instant Article gets, as well as time spent and scroll depth. This information should influence your content planning, as it tells you what your target market is interested in.

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