Everything you need to know about Facebook offers

Facebook Offer

Are you looking to maximise the reach and effectiveness of a promotion, sale or offer? Add to your existing content and attract new and existing customers to your business by using Facebook Offers.

What is the Facebook offer feature?

With this feature, you can share discounts and promotions with your page’s followers and those interested in your products and services.

The offer code you provide can be used both online and in-store to ensure maximum engagement on and offline. Plus, if the offer you put on is highly beneficial to your customers, it can do wonders for your business’s brand awareness.

What are the benefits of posting an offer?

As with discount sales in a high street shop, providing an offer will help drive customers to your business. However, this is not equal to a red sign in a shop window.

By promoting this offer through Facebook, you know that it will reach fans of your product and services directly. It can also offer a level of exclusivity, rewarding brand loyalty by limiting the offer to those who have liked your page.

You can also extend the reach of your Facebook offer beyond the usual organic process by putting some ad spend behind it.

Why should I make a Facebook offer ad?

If you want to reach more people than those who have already liked your page, consider promoting your offer further.

You can do this by boosting the post in much the same way you would with a regular post. Paid boosts can enable you to reach thousands more people than an organic post, as well as give you the option to target people based on their interests, behaviour and demographics.

If, for example, you know that your product is particularly popular with 18-25-year-old, Lincolnshire-based females who like luxury brands, you can use this information to target this market. This sort of targeting will increase traffic to your website and result in more sales.

How do I post an offer on Facebook?

In order to create an offer, click on the post box and then select ‘offer/discount’.

An offer box will come up where you can name, create and add more details about the promotion you’re advertising.

Here, you can create your own unique promotional code and terms and conditions.

Don’t forget that the image you use will be what catches the eyes of your new potential customers. Make sure it shows your product or service in a visually appealing way.

Hit publish and your offer will be made available to the public! Once you’ve published, you can spend some money to boost the offer to reach more people and potential customers.

Struggling to keep up?

If you are struggling to keep up with the latest Facebook updates, or if you’re simply too busy to, come to us for advice on all of the latest changes.

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