How To Run a Successful Facebook Like Campaign

Facebook Like Campaign

When it comes to social media marketing, it’s important to remember that your audience should always focus more on quality than quantity. However, the more of your target market you reach, the more likely you are to attract leads and sales.

It’s also worth noting that larger likes tend to be an indicator of brand quality and trustworthiness, particularly in the eyes of social media users.

With this in mind, we’re sure you keep a close eye on your Facebook page’s likes. If you, like many other business owners and marketers, want to see your Facebook likes increase at a more rapid and significant rate, we highly recommend running a Facebook Like ad campaign.

What is a Facebook Like Campaign?

Buying Facebook likes is a big no-no. They tend to be unreliable and can actually damage your chances of being seen organically on people’s news feeds. This is because randomly bought likes are unlikely to engage with your content, and a lack of engagement in relation to your audience size will inform Facebook’s algorithm to reduce your reach.

What else can you do then, we hear you ask? You can create a Facebook Like campaign. For those of you who have never launched an ad campaign, click here to discover everything you need to know about Facebook Ads.

A Facebook Like campaign is a particular type of ad format that targets people based on demographics and audience interests of your choice and encourages them to like your page.

Facebook Like Campaign – Targeting

Facebook’s targeting capabilities are phenomenal. When creating an ad campaign, Facebook enables you to reach your exact target audience. Here are just a few of the targeting options available:

  • Remarketing to customers (using customer database on Microsoft Excel file) or website visitors (for this, you need the Facebook Pixel installed on your site)
  • Location
  • Demographics (age, gender, education, profession, relationship status etc)
  • Interests (hobbies and things people like/enjoy)
  • Behaviour (prior purchases, device usage, likes etc). You can use this type of targeting to reach people who have already engaged with your brand on social media.
  • Lookalikes (Facebook uses its algorithm to find people who share interests/demographics with your current audience or web traffic).

Create different ad sets with varied targeting to spread your ads across your different customer profiles. You can then use A/B testing to zero in on the most effective targeting, whether that’s based on interests, demographics, lookalikes or a combination of all of the above.

5 Steps to Creating a Facebook Page Like Campaign

Facebook wants people to spend money on its platform, and the easier they make campaigns, the more likely business owners are to invest. For this reason, creating a Page Like campaign is very straightforward. Follow these steps to start boosting your audience stats:

  1. Head to Facebook Ads Manager.
  2. Click the green “+Create” button in the top left corner.
    Create Facebook Ad
  3. When prompted to select your marketing objective, opt for ‘Engagement’.
    Facebook Engagement Ads
  4. Name your campaign after selecting ‘Page Likes’ from the 3 options. Set a realistic daily budget – the larger the budget, the quicker Facebook’s algorithm will learn the most effective targeting options to achieve your objective.
    Facebook Page Like campaign
  5. You will now need to create an ad set, where you’ll define the targeting, budget, schedule, bidding and placement. Find out more about ad sets here. Think about the type of people who are likely to be interested in your content, products and/or services and use this information to zero in on the targeting.

Facebook Page Like Campaign: Copy Guide

It’s important to grab the user’s attention quickly with your Facebook Ads. Think about how fast people scroll on their devices and what sort of content would make them stop in their tracks.

Why should people like your page? What advantage or perk will they get from you? Be sure to include your USP in your copy, but remain succinct and punchy.

Make it clear what you want them to do and remain personable and positive. If you want them to like your page, tell them! But make sure you demonstrate the benefit of doing so.

For instance, if we were to create a Page Like campaign, we would write ad copy along the lines of…

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Facebook Page Like Campaign: Image Guide

Strong visual content is crucial for Page Like campaigns. When creating or deciding on a picture or video, ask yourself:

  • Is it instantly eye-catching?
  • Is it relevant to the copy and my content/products/services?
  • Does it have text on it? Facebook sensors do not like images with text on them, and will often disapprove or reduce the reach of ads that include text-heavy pictures.
  • Will it persuade people to like my page? The biggest question of them all. An unprofessional or dull photo/video can dissuade people. Make sure the imagery matches the quality of your brand.

Facebook Page Like Campaign: Reporting & Insights

Setting up a campaign is step number 1. Once you’ve published your ads, the work is not yet done. The best way to optimise and improve your campaign in order to achieve your goal (increasing page likes) is to monitor its insights.

Fortunately, Ads Manager offers an easily digestible set of results for you. If you don’t have the time to do a deep dive into the wide range of insights, the best metrics to look out for are:

  • Page Likes – the number of people who have liked your page after seeing an ad.
  • Reach – how many people have seen your ad.
  • Impressions – the number of times your ad has been seen.
  • Cost per like – the number of likes divided by your spend.

What to do after your Facebook Page Like Campaign?

So, you’ve developed and expanded your highly-targeted audience of interested users. What next? Continue targeting! Keep on reaching these people with your messaging! Ensure that you follow through on the promises you made in your original ads.

Now that you have zeroed in on a strategy to reach like-minded people for your business that works, utilise that audience. Start targeting them with ads for your products and services; nurture the relationships and brand loyalty you have with them.

Right now, their foot is in the door. They’re knocking, they’re interested. Now it’s time for you to let them in, to welcome them with open arms. Keep giving them that warm hug made up of a blend of free content and advice, offers and products. Reward their loyalty and the fact they have gone out of their way to like your page and see your content.

You should also continue expanding your Page Likes using lookalike audiences stemming from your most successfully targeted ads.

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