Top 5 Tips To Increase Twitter Followers For Free

Increase Twitter Followers

A strong following on Twitter can do wonders for your business, expanding your brand awareness, messaging, reach and online presence. Here are five sure-fire ways to increase your Twitter followers, without sacrificing on quality…

1) Use hashtags

Tweets with hashtags get double the engagement than those without them, according to statistics. Spend some time looking for relevant and popular hashtags in your industry and be sure to join in discussions by including them in your content.

Hashtags can massively expand your reach, ensuring your content reaches new audiences interested in your products, services and/or industry.

Check out Twitter’s Do’s and Don’t’s for Visual Content for more guidance.

2) Remain active and produce regular content

The best way to maintain a steady increase in followers? Stay active! It sounds simple, but you’d be surprised how many people expect to just magically gain followers from old tweets.

Get your name out there; react to emerging trends and news stories; engage with fellow tweeters. These are the ways you get noticed. If your content is engaging, people will follow you to ensure they see it more often. The more people like, retweet and reply to your tweets, the more likely you are to get noticed.

If you don’t have the time to tweet all the time, at least set 15-45 minutes aside at the start of the week and schedule content using the likes of Hootsuite or Buffer. This way, you ensure that, even if you don’t have the time midweek to send a reactionary tweet, you’ve got some sort of content being published.

The more likely you are to get noticed, the more likely you are to be followed. Simple.

3) React just as much as you proact

As touched upon in our previous tip, it’s important to react to – and engage with – trends and other people’s content. Imagine Twitter as a conversation: each person that sees your tweet is essentially someone you meet at a party.

If you met someone and all they did was talk at you, without listening to or responding to any of your own points, the chances are you’d look to end the conversation sharpish and avoid them for the rest of the party. Right?

Look for interesting content and influencers in your field and join in on their conversations. If you like their content, retweet it, like it, reply to it. That way, you not only enter their timelines and notifications, but you also tap into their audience.

4) Go on a following spree

Want people to follow you? Don’t wait for them – find them! A straightforward way of reaching out to those you want in your followers is to give them a quick follow.

Find people tweeting about your industry and following similar accounts and let them know you exist by following them. Most people are naturally curious, so will take a quick look at your profile after you pop up in their notifications. If your content is of interest to them, they will probably follow you back.

5) Post images and videos alongside your content

Visual content on Twitter is twice as likely to get engagement than plain text tweets.

The best tweets are the ones that stop your thumbs from scrolling down the timeline, and the most effective way to do this is with an eye-catching image or video.

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Oliver Wilkinson
Content Manager