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The Wolds Hog Roast Company Google Ads

Client: Wolds Hog Roast Company

The Wolds Hog Roast Company specialise in providing high-quality professional catering services, serving gorgeous hog roasts throughout Lincolnshire and beyond.


Keith from the Wolds Hog Roast Company approached us after setting up a new hog roast business. He needed a short to medium-term strategy for filling his calendar and finding potential customers looking for event catering.

This needed to be within shooting distance of Lincolnshire and done on a small scale budget for proof of concept.

Our Approach

On a limited budget, we utilised Google Ads to get in front of people when they were searching for hog roast catering options within targeted locations.

Wolds Hog Rog Roast Google Ads Case Study

With a focus on transactional keywords, mainly people searching for pricing options, we got enquiries through the website and used call-only ads to encourage conversations directly with the client.


This campaign has resulted in an average of 10 enquiries a month and in the first month resulted in four bookings, just one of which meant a 10x return on investment for the client.

It shows just how beneficial Google Ads can be even if you’re on a limited budget.

The results have been incredible. Bookings started coming through immediately thanks to the work of the Knapton Wright team. I look forward to seeing how this progresses.

Keith Lawrence, Wolds Hog Roast Company